Vacuum Brazed Diamond Bead is fixed on a pre-treated surface under vacuum with a thin, but extremely hard layer of solder, diamond is firmly brazed onto the wire saw bead steel base. Compared with electroplate type, vacuum brazed have better life.

Wanlong vacuum brazed diamond bead is double arrow design and Pattern-set Diamond on Steel Body make the space between diamond grains become larger, so that improve sharpness and life. it has excellent cutting performance from the fist cut with longer life than electroplate type.

We manufacture and sell the vacuum brazed diamond wire saw beads which are mainly used for block extracting, block cutting. It is specially good for soft stone cutting such as marble, limestone and travertine. If you have marble quarry mining and want to improve the extraction efficiency, please feel free to contact to Wanlong Ukraine branch company.


  1. Vacuum brazed beads come with double arrow design and pattern-set diamond on steel body to extend tool life and make full use of diamonds for the best cutting efficiency;
  2. Extra aggressive on marble and limestone quarrying, block squaring, profiling or slab cutting;
  3. Could be used Wet or dry, best with wet cutting for tool life concern.

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