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Fast speed dry cutting diamond blade with small cutting gap for decorative material, is made of a high quality steel core with a matrix around the perimeter composed of synthetic diamonds embedded in a bonding material.Some diamond blades are designed to run dry in applications. And running dry cutting blades wet will prolong their service life. Diameter from 250mm—3000mm, silent steel core and non-silent steel core are available.

The cutting action is performed by accumulation of small chips scratched out by the numerous diamond particles impeded in the bond. The number of cutting edges is determined by the number of diamonds (or concentration) in the structure of the diamond blade. The size of the diamond particle will have a direct result in the size of chip you can obtain. The thickness of the diamond blade determines the width of the cut. Therefore, diamond blade selection along with feed rate, cutting speed, and depth of cut will ultimately determine your diamond sawing success. Please let us know your specific needs before purchase. Wanlong fast speed dry cutting diamond blade with small cutting gap, no chipping is your ideal cutting tools!


  1. Fast cutting speed and small cutting gap.
  2. High cutting efficiency and no chipping
  3. This product is widely used for cutting and nondestructive grooving on marble, granite, ceramic tile, concrete, decorative material, used on manual cutting machine


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