Diamond Triangle Resin Fine Grinding Disc from Ukraine Supplier is used for fine polishing stone slab or tiles after metal bond grinding disc and before Buff. Usually it have grit 500, 800, 1500 and 3000. it is used on Chinese type full automatic disc type polishing line and Radial Arm Manual Polishing Machine.

Wanlong brand Diamond Triangle Resin Fine Grinding Disc have update to the sixth generation products, we make it with longer life, higher sharpness and better polishing result. Wanlong have sold a lot of the resin disc not only for chinese domestic market but also to all main market overseas with very good feedback. Wanlong products is reliable, you can choose Wanlong Ukraine branch company for quick response.


  1. High processing efficiency and long polishing life
  2. Resin disc and resin triangle abrasive are used for fine grinding on granite slabs in automatic polishing machine or single head machine

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