Buy Polishing Disc Triangle Buff for Polishing Granite Slabs, Stone from Wanlong Ukraine subsidiary company, we provide various product full range abrasive from metal bond diamond abrasive, Resin Bond diamond abrasive to Buff /Lux. It is applicable in automatic polishing line,single head automatic polishing machine and manual machine, it has impressive sharpness and abrasiveness, fast glossing with stable quality and super applicability, and lower cost.

Wanlong made diamond tools since 1992, and have made many improvement for the Buff to have the ability to polishing different kinds/color granite slabs with low cost,fast and high gloss,very good polishing effect.with our strong and professional after sales service. Wanlong looking forward to do business with you!


  1. High processing efficiency, fast and lasting shining
  2. Polishing disc and triangle buff are used for polishing granite slabs in automatic polishing machine or single head machine

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