Multi Blade and Segment Diamond Segment For Granite, Marble Cutting made by Wanlong are specially produced with the characteristics of high efficiency, even slabs thickness, long life, less power consumption and less noise. Usually use 20-30pcs same diameter diamond saw blades per machine for European brand machine, such as 1000mm or 1200mm Multi-Blades, the other one is 5-10pcs different diameter diamond saw blades per machine for Chinese brand machine. all segments specification are same. Wanlong have full experience of making multi-blade and segments, mutlilayer type and sandwich type for different customer demand for longer life or fast cutting.

To meet customers’ different demands, the formula/bond adjustable upon customer feedback. The appearance of diamond segment and packing can be designed to customers’ requirement, it is to help customers better selling products and make sure that customers can have smooth sales and use connection between our diamond segment and previous one.


1.It works in  low noise, small cuuting slot whuch ensures maximum use of stone anduniform thickness

2. Stable cutting, narrow cutting gap, stone waste reduction

3. Application: granite, marble

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