Lux 0# and buff for automatic polishing machine from Ukraine supplier, the final step after resin abrasive polishing to have mirror polishing slab and tiles surface. Lux or 0# in color Green/White/Black/Brown for different colors granite tile or slab polishing. It can use on Automatic Polishing Lines, Automatic Bridge Polishing Machine and Radial Arm Manual Polishing Machine.

Wanlong diamond tools Co., Ltd have fickert type buff and disc type buff for granite polishing and frankfurt type Lux for marble polishing. from Wanlong Ukraine subsidiary company, we can dispatch the cargo to Ukraine customer in a short time and provide convenience and professional after sales service, if any demand feel free to contact to Wanlong Ukraine company.


  1. Long life span, high glossiness, fast and lasting shining
  2. Lux 0# and buff are used in the final step in automatic polishing machine for polishing different colors of granite slabs

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