Sharp Replacement Laser Diamond Blade for Concrete Cutting Machinery is the best choice to make clean and professional cuts in concrete, it has longer lifespan, better sharpness and smooth cutting than abrasive blade, help customers save time and cost. Laser welded diamond segments for long life and durability. Charger blades are manufactured with a higher concentration of industrial-quality diamonds to assure top performance with every cut. It can be used dry or wet with water as a coolant.

It for use with masonry saws, high-speed power saws and low-horsepower walk-behind saws, an suitable for wet and dry cutting conditions and fits 1 in. to 20 mm arbors, which widely used for roadway construction, demolition and parking lot applications. Wanlong Sharp Replacement Laser Diamond Blade is the one if you have demand for Concrete Cutting!


  1. The blade is good in sharpness and efficiency at the process of cutting,meanwhile, it has a long lifespan.
  2. Widely used for concrete cutting.

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