Diamond Laser Blade for Stone, Rock Cutting Sawing Machine Equipment has super strength under high temperatures which providing better cutting performance and diamond blade life. Wanlong Ukraine company Laser welding blade for stone has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency and long life, which can improve the efficiency of workers, save time cost savings for the society to save a lot of production materials, save resources, is the future development direction of diamond products.

Wanlong offer a wide range of laser weld diamond blade for stone, rock cutting saw machine equipment. You can select blades with traditional segments or blades with a turbo segment. The different quality categories enable you to find the best suitable diamond disc for your application and the material to be cut.  You can choose from diamond discs for angle grinders, wall chasers, motor saws, floor saws, table- and bridge saws with a diameter from 115 mm up to 900 mm.


  1. The blade is good in sharpness and efficiency at the process of cutting, meanwhile , it has a long lifespan.
  2. Widely used for stone cutting

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