Horizontal diamond cutting blade and segment for stone, acrylic, plastic from Wanlong stone diamond tool Co., Ltd, is used for block cutting saw machine: to cut the slab from the block bottom edge after the vertical cutting. Some people use the horizontal diamond saw blade to cut the slabs from the whole one piece into two pieces, for example, cut a piece slab with 40mm thickness into 2 pieces slabs with 20mm thickness.

The diamond segment bond/formula, segment size of horizontal saw blades for marble, granite cutting are also different. The segment size, logo, or color can be customized as per request. Wanlong has the ability to meet all your requirements that you may have.


  1. The blade is good in sharpness and efficiency at the process of cutting, meanwhile, it has a long lifespan
  2. Excellent comprehensive cutting performance
  3. Application: granite, marble.

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