Horizontal Diamond Cutting Wheel Blade And Segment For Marble 14 Inch made by Fujian Quanzhou Wanlong Stone Co., Ltd is used on block cutting saw machine to cut the slab from the block bottom edge after the vertical cutting finished. The blade also used for splitting slabs from whole one into two pieces, such as splitting one 4cm thickness slab into 2 pieces of 2cm thickness slab.

Usually it is oversized thick for horizontal cutting blade. We can provide anchor holes for all types of machines. At the time of the request customer to indicate the measures of the holes or the machine model. It is wet use only and has Fast & Easy cutting, long life, perfect performance for marble horizontal cutting. If you are looking for the horizontal cutting blade please do not hesitate to contact Wanlong!


Diameter(mm)Steel core(mm)Head size(mm)No.ShapeApplication
3507.5/3.040×4.6×1021HORIZONTAL CUTTINGmarble
4007.5/3.040×4.6×1024HORIZONTAL CUTTINGmarble
4507.5/3.040×4.6×1026HORIZONTAL CUTTINGmarble
5007.5/3.040×5.5×1030HORIZONTAL CUTTINGmarble
5504.040×6.0×1032HORIZONTAL CUTTINGmarble
6004.040×6.0×1036HORIZONTAL CUTTINGmarble
6504.040×6.0×1040HORIZONTAL CUTTINGmarble

Other specifications are available upan request.

Silent and non-silent blades are available for choice.

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