Horizontal cutting ripping diamond disc blade and segment for granite Wanlong stone diamond tool Co., Ltd, is used in vertical and horizontal block cutting machine: firstly do vertical cutting, then do horizontal cutting to get the slabs from the blocks.

Or use in a bridge cutting machine to cut 1pcs thick slabs into 2pcs thin slabs, for example, 1pc slab x 40mm thickness into 2pcs slabs x20mm. The available diameter is 350-850mm. Silent core and Non-silent core are available for your choice. Its fast cutting and refine edge cutting quality will make your cutting easier.


Diameter(mm)Steel core(mm)Head size(mm)No.ShapeApplication
3507.5/3.040×4.6×1021HORIZONTAL CUTTINGGranite
4007.5/3.040×4.6×1024HORIZONTAL CUTTINGGranite
4507.5/3.040×4.6×1026HORIZONTAL CUTTINGGranite
5007.5/3.040×5.5×1030HORIZONTAL CUTTINGGranite
5504.040×6.0×1032HORIZONTAL CUTTINGGranite
6004.040×6.0×1036HORIZONTAL CUTTINGGranite
6504.040×6.0×1040HORIZONTAL CUTTINGGranite

Other specifications are available upan request.

Silent and non-silent blades are available for choice.

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