General splitting blade and segment for sandstone silent, non-silent available, is diamond segmented saw blade, which specially use for all kinds of sandstone cutting. It is right for bridge cutting machine, edge cutting machine, table saw etc.. Available welding methods are high frequency welding and laser welding.

Diameter is 400mm-850mm, and silent steel core, non-silent steel core are for choice. Other specifications can be customized. The outstanding performance: smooth cutting, long lifespan and stable quality, make it acknowledged by customers over the world. Believe that Wanlong is your best choice if you are looking for splitting blade and segment for sandstone.


Diameter(mm)Steel core(mm)Head size(mm)Segment NumberShapeApplication
4002.640×3.6×1028GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone
4503.040×4.0×1032GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone
5003.040×4.0×1036GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone
5503.640×4.6×1040GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone
6003.640×4.6×1042GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone
6504.040×5.5×1046GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone
7004.040×5.5×1050GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone
7504.040×5.5×1054GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone
8004.540×6.0×1057GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone
8504.540×6.0×1058GENERAL SPLITTINGSandstone

Other specifications are available upan request.

Silent and non-silent blades are available for choice.

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