Dry cutting blade for ceramic tile used by manual cutting machine, is a kind of blade which can be used for ceramic tile, marble tile, limestone cutting. It is mounted on manual anger grinders, manual cutting machine etc. for straight cutting, flush cutting, grinding, edge grinding and shaping etc..

Diameter 4”/100mm—9”/230mm, arbor with 22.23mm, 5/8”-11, M14 are available. That excellent Wanlong dry cutting blade have the feature of good sharpness, smooth cutting, no chipping during cutting and competitively price, will make your cutting easier!


1.Fast cutting speed and small cutting gap.
2. High cutting efficiency and no chipping.
3.This product is widely used for cutting and nondestructive grooving on marble,granite, ceramic tile,concrete, decorative material,used on manual cutting machine.

Diameter(mm)Segment Dimension(mm)Born/mmNo.
10520×1.8×7.516、20 22.23 25.4、508
11520×1.8×8.016、20 22.23 25.4、509
12520×2.0×8.016、20 22.23 25.4、5010
15020×2.0×7.516、20 22.23 25.4、5010
18020×2.2×8.016、20 22.23 25.4、5014
20020×2.2×8.016、20 22.23 25.4、5014
23020×2.4×8.016、20 22.23 25.4、5016
25020×2.4×8.016、20 22.23 25.4、5018
30020×2.6×8.016、20 22.23 25.4、5022
35020×2.8×8.016、20 22.23 25.4、5024

Other specifications are available upon request.

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