Rock saw diamond wire cable loop quarrying for sale at cheap price from Wanlong stone diamond tool Co., Ltd, is a steel wire with rubber/ spring/ spring+rubber reinforcement and impregnated diamond beads, used for granite, marble, limestone etc. quarry sawing purpose. Diameter 11.0mm, 11.5mm, 12.5mm diamond beads are used for quarry wire saws for efficient efficient mining and long tool life purpose.

Rubber/ spring/ spring+rubber instruction and the steel wire quality plays an important roles in wire sawing, mostly steel wire are imported now for quality and strength purpose. Quarry diamond wire saw is used in wire saw or wire sawing machines for vertical sawing and horizontal sawing to get blocks from the quarry. Its cutting with small slot, high efficiency, low-noise, and low-dust. It’s your ideal choice for quarrying tools.


  1. Good cutting result with small slot and high efficency
  2. Good shrapness and long life, low noise and eco-friendly

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