Long lifespan diamond saw blade for double blade stone cutting machine, is special segmented saw blade with silent or non-silent steel body, which can be right for all kinds of stone cutting, such as granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, quartz etc.. It is in diameter 350mm-650mm, and other specifications are available.

The double blade stone cutting machine, bridge cutting machine, table saws etc., that need fast cutting without chipping with sufficient cooling water, will use this blade.


Diameter(mm)Steel core(mm)Head size(mm)No.ShapeApplication
3507.5/3.040×4.6×1021HORIZONTAL CUTTINGStone
4007.5/3.040×4.6×1024HORIZONTAL CUTTINGStone
4507.5/3.040×4.6×1026HORIZONTAL CUTTINGStone
5007.5/3.040×5.5×1030HORIZONTAL CUTTINGStone
5504.040×6.0×1032HORIZONTAL CUTTINGStone
6004.040×6.0×1036HORIZONTAL CUTTINGStone
6504.040×6.0×1040HORIZONTAL CUTTINGStone

Other specifications are available upan request.

Silent and non-silent blades are available for choice.

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