Diamond abrasive fickert for stone grinding processing in Ukraine is specially designed for grinding and polishing the surface of various granite slabs, and fit for the following machines: automatic continuous polishing machine, single head polishing machine, semi-automatic polishing machine, beveling polishing machine etc..

Size: 140-17mm, grit:35/40—buff, and other size and grits are available as per request. The premium diamond and cobalt powders ensure the excellent polishing and superior lifespan performance, which make it is acknowledged by our customers over the market. Wanlong diamond abrasive fickert is your best choice!


1.Electricity saving: its sharpness can reduce the stress of grinding head, thereby reduce machines abrasion.

2.High efficiency: it’s super hugh sharpness can improve transmission speed of convey belt and improve the production efficiency.

3.High glossiness: it can bring 10 degree more in stone high glossiness. Also it’s homogenization reduce the possibility for stone surface stroke and glossiness instability.

4.High quality: high technology, computerized production equipment and strict quality control guarantee our high quality product supply, high cost-efficiency ratio.

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