Diamond Router Bits for Granite, Concrete, Marble and Other Stone are primarily used in stone and granite fabrication to create smooth and steady edges for future countertops. Diamond Router Bits the router creates different profiles or shapes on the slab. Our routers work on natural stone, porcelain, man made stone, and concrete. 

Wanlong router bits have a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are ideal for your edging needs and you’ll experience fast, clean cutting and long-life durability. And it work with practically all router machines such as Ghines, Sector, OMA, Hercules, Magnum, Master, and other Portable Routers. Whether which shape or size you are looking for, you’ll find the set offered here will fit any of the most popular diamond routers bit sold in Ukriane.


It is used in processing the edge of stone vanity top, counter top, table top etc

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