Diamond arrayed cutting blade and segment from China manufacturer, the diamond particles are orderly arrayed within the bond of each segment, which allows for the uniform diamond exposure to the stone surface. With the features of cutting efficiency 30% higher, and cutting life time 30% more than the normal blades. It can effectively reduce noise and maintain the green environment.

It is suitable for all kinds of granite cutting. Available diameter is from 300-900mm. Silent core and non-silent core can be customized as per request. If you are looking for quality continuous rim diamond cutting slicing blade, Wanlong is your best choice.


  1. Cutting efficiency improves 30% more, energy consumption reduces 30%.
  2. Good cutting result and fast cutting.
  3. This type of blade can effectively reduce noisy and protect the environment.
  4. This product can be widely used on various power machines and environment.
  5. Application: granite

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