YTQQ-500/600 Mono-block Cutting Machine

The YTQQ-500/600 mono blade stone cutting machine is designed to work specifically on stone slabs. With its higher power and intensity, you can easily get the job done without leaving any marks. Pieced together using quality materials and materials to ensure easy and quality operation.

User-Friendly: An easy to use interface that can be completely changed or tweaked to your requirements. Making cutting different stone slabs a breeze. As the mighty YTQQ-500/600 will blaze though, and be ready to work on the next piece in the line.

Technology: An all touch screen system that allows you to stay on top of the work being done. Not only are you able to get things done in an effective manner, but you can easily keep track of all your moves. The machine offers Taiwan Qiyang hydraulic components that ensure sensitivity and repose time; while keeping up with reliable performance.

Cutting: Using its quality machinery paired with an encoder that works for you, you can ensure a higher position, precision, while reducing the labor cost. With each slice, you get an accurate finish that adds to the quality and charm of the slab. Make curring easier with the YTQQ-500/600, so every single stone slab you process comes out beautifully.

Features: Using its mono blade and single head design the YTQQ-500/600 offers a smooth and reliable cutting experience. While it’s heavy-duty structure ensures an easy to control system. Alon with a Siemens power saving inverter, that helps save cost in the long run.

Max. diameter of blademm500
Main motor powerKW15
Cutting head rotating degree90°
Table dimensions(L x W)mm3200*1800
Table tilting degree0-85°
Max. tutting size(L x W x H)mm3000*1800*130
Overall dimensions(L x W x H)mm5800*2700*2500
Water consumptionm³/h4
Approximate WeightKg6000

Category :

Stone Machines

Date :

February 27, 2019