QSQ-2200/2500/3000 Bridge Multiblade Block Cutter

The QSQ-2200/2500/3000 is an all power marble, granite, stone block cutting machine that is designed to ensure a quality result each time. Cutting some bases can be a bit tricky which is why you need a machine that understands the slab, and works using a tried and tested system for ideal results.

User-Friendly: The QSQ-2200/2500/3000 is a powerful slab cutting machine that comes with an easy to maneuver system. With it’s easy to understand and handle panel you will be getting out perfectly cut slabs of your choice in no time. With labeled buttons and screens to guide you through, you are in great hands. Moreover, it allows you to keep a check on the cutting process, while easily changing the settings when required.

Technology: This slab cutting machine comes with a Panasonic PLC inverter, and a FUJI relay. These are the basis of the machine, while other imported parts are set to support their function. By adding quality parts we are able to create a machine that works better than expected.

Cutting: Get perfectly cut marble, granite, and stone slabs each time. With its razor-sharp blades and cutting speed, you can ensure a smooth finish each time. Add to the overall charm and quality of the slab with the perfect cut.

Features: We are offering you the QSQ-2200/2500/3000 that offers many amazing features. These include, but are not limited to a long-lasting and bright last device, along with a magnetic grid. The grid helps ensure that you are running an accurate and reliable system that is much safe in nature when compared to traditional encoders.

It is also flexible in modification for Single blade cutting.

Max.diameter of blademm220025003000
Max.No. of bladespc951
Recommended Blade Combinationmm2200 2000 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 6002500 2000 1600 1200 800
Recommend saw blade thicknessmm6.5328
Main motor powerKW45(55)45(55)37(65)
Max.Cutting size(L x W x H)mm3600*2100*9503300(3800)00*2100*11002800(3800)*2100*1350
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)mm7500*4000*55007500(8000)*4000*55007500(8500)*4000*6100
Water consumptionm3/h303020
Approximate weightKg1200012000(13000)12000(14000)

Category :

Stone Machines

Date :

February 27, 2019

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