QDM1200-1800 Bridge Single Head Automatic Polisher

Stone slabs are not easy to polish, as they require a great deal of labor work. To make the process easier and faster we are offering you an all-new QDM1200-1800. An automatic polisher for stone slabs that can easily boost processing while cutting down on costs.

User-Friendly: The QDM1200-1800 comes with a user-friendly interface that you can manage and change as you see fit. While being able to get input on the current stone that is being polished. This allows you to keep your polishing needs in check.

Technology: Crafted using premium-grade materials the QDM1200-1800 offers cutting edge technology using imported and local parts. These parts add to the working and quality of the polishing machine. In addition, by making use of its manageable technology you can reduce or boost the feeding speed of both polishing heads. These quality heads are set up vertically and horizontally offering complete coverage.

Polishing: The machine offers a powerful polishing system that brings out its shine. As the stone is rough, to begin with, and needs to be polished down. Only when polished perfectly will the stone lose it’s grainy texture, and offering you a smooth finish each time.

Features: The QDM1200-1800 is mostly used to polish large slabs that require effective and efficient working. Moreover, the machine offers you features that fit the stone in question. As each stone is different, we offer you adjustable features that work best for the stone being polished.

Technical Parameter

Max. polishing size3000x1200x120 mm3000x1800x120 mm
Rotation speed of polishing head560 r/min
Transverse feeding speed of polishing head0-5600 mm/min (Adjustable)
Vertical feeding speed of polishing head0-4300 mm/min (Adjustable)
Output2-2.5 m2/h
Main motor power15 kw
Total power16.85 kw
Power requirement3 Phs 380V 50Hz(other is available)
Required air source flow0.15-0.30 cbm/h
Required intensity of pressure0.35-0.5 MPa
Overall dimension(LxWxH)6500X2500X20006500X3100X2000
Total Weight2,500 kg3,000 kg

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Stone Machines

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Date :

November 7, 2017

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