LXM-20 Fully-automatic Polishing Machine

Applicable for polishing the surface of granite slabs and tiles. The automatic polishing machine of the new design, which absorbs the most advanced technology of granite polishing and has created several patent technologies. Superior material, reasonable structure, completed processing technique, stable performance, high efficiency, and energy saving. Electric parts are of worldwide brand, PLC control system and friendly human-machine interface via LCD to achieve computerized control. Automatically detect the slab profile by a laser scanning device. Sensitive collision avoidance of polishing head.

The LXM-20 is a fully automatic granite, marble, and sandstone buffing and polishing machine. Designed to cut your processing time and labor costs the machine offers effective and efficient working around the clock. Regardless of what your customer desires, you will finally be able to offer a buffing a polish that matches their requirements perfectly.

User-Friendly: A completely new design that comes with a user-friendly interface. Allowing you the opportunity to manage the system that is running. With easy to understand labels you are capable of making easy changes and adjustments when needed. It does not matter if you need to buff or polish, the machine allows you to do both with the press of a single button.

Technology: Along with a full touch screen display the LXM-20 offers you Mitsubishi PLC, Yasawa inverter, Fuji Contractor, and other quality parts that help ensure great results. With top of the line technology and parts, you can ensure great working for years to come.

Buffing & Polishing: The LXM-20 fully automated buffing and polishing machine ensures great results and quality each time. By bringing our the granite, marble, and sandstone beautifully you will be able to add a layer of quality to the slab.

Features: Use its auto lubricant system to increase the life of its spindle box, or make use of the Taiwan Hiwin linear guide rails to ensure a smooth movement while holding precision. Additionally, you can use its brake motor to protect the crossbeam from any damage in case of an electric cut.

Working width (optional)mm500-1300500-1300500-1300500-1300500-1300
Conveyor speedm/min0-2.60-2.60-2.60-2.60-3
Polishing Heads number (optional)pcs810121620
Water ConsumptionM3/h911131822
Air ConsumptionM3/h1012141924
Main Motor powerkW6*7.5kW+2x9kW8*7.5kW+2x9kW9×7.5kW+3x9kW12×7.5kW+4x9kW16×7.5kW+4x9kW
Total powerkW73.588.5105135162
Dimensions (LxWxH)m5320x2200x22005960x2200x22006600x2200x22007900x2200x22009200x2200x2200
Total weightT=9=10.5=12=1518

Category :

Stone Machines

Date :

November 6, 2017

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