CZSJ-2000 – Block Squaring Wire Saw

The CZSJ-2000 is a stone block cutting wire saw that comes with a large interface. You can secure the stone block on the railing, and watch the wire saw cut perfect slices of the stone. The machine is designed to offer you a smooth and reliable running system that you can easily control and manage using it’s LCD touch screen.

User-Friendly: The machine comes with a computer-controlled system, that is easy to understand and manage. Offering you complete control on every move of the wire saw. You can make adjustments to ensure that each stone cut of beautiful and as per your requirements.

Technology: We are offering you all new CZSJ-2000 that comes powered with leading technology. Offering you quality work and finish each time. Using it’s safe and reliable materials you can ensure an excellent working system that helps save time while adding precision to your work.

Cutting: The CZSJ-2000 features independent guide rails on each end of the four columns. While the flywheel secure in place helps elevate and lowers based on the guiding rails. This helps ensure stability, improving the quality and precession of each cut.

Features: The CZSJ-2000 features a diamond wire saw that is paired with advance international machinery. Offering you a steady and reliable performance that comes with high accuracy rates. Achieving a professional standard when stone block squaring and dressing.

Diameter of wire sawmm11.00
Length of wire sawmm21000
Main motor powerkw11
Table Dimensionsmm2000×2000
Max. cutting size (LxWxH)mm3500x2000x2000
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm10000x6065x3915
Water consumptionm3/h 6
Approximate weightkgs 8500


1. SIEMENS main motor with stronger seats.
2. PANASONIC PLC and inverter.
3. Strong cast iron HT200.
4. Touch sensitive Panel Easy for worker to operate.
5. 4-5 hours for one pcs 3500x2000mm(LxW) medium hard granite.

Category :

Stone Machines

Date :

November 5, 2017

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