Diamond segments are the function parts of metal-bonded diamond tool. Multiple types of tools are included in the category of diamond segments. It includes metal-bonded diamond blade, a diamond grinding cup wheel, a diamond core drill bit, a diamond gang saw blade etc. The major role of all these tools is cutting and grinding.

Structure and Mode of Working

The components that are included in the diamond segments are small size diamonds and metal bond materials. Usually the metal bond material includes the powders of following elements like Copper, Tin, Iron, Silver, Cobalt, Nickel, Graphite, etc. Bond materials will be mixed with diamonds. Afterwards this mixture will be loaded into molds. There are two basic functions of metal bolds;

  • Wearing along the diamonds so that new sharp diamonds will be exposed clearly.
  • The other one is bonding the diamonds with the body of the tool.

Generally you can find two layers in the diamond segments. One is known as working layer and the other one is known as transition layer. Diamond grains can be found in the working layer that will be helpful for cutting and grinding. The transition layer has no diamonds in it.  Only bond material can be found in its composition which is normally used to connect the working layer to the body of the diamond tool. Transition layer also holds a significant importance for the diamond segments as it is used on laser wielded diamond tools. For the better results, composition of the working layer and transition layer should not be very much different. If there will be significant disparity among the two layers then the junction point will tend to break. Due to imbalance forces of the two layers and uneven heat received by the diamond will not give us expected results.

Undercut Safety

It is usually found on floor saw and hand saw blades. Supposedly if the blade cuts will cut through the asphalt and it cuts into the road base then the undercut segment protects the area. Without having undercut safety, this could result in the failure of a segment, hitting the passerby or operator. For the safety of the operator undercut protection is very much necessary.


In the usage of diamond blades water is highly recommendable. It drastically cools down the blade and this increases its efficiency and life expectancy of the blade. Usage of water will also decrease the dust production. While you are cutting, the water combines with the dust for more efficient usage. This improves the cutting significantly. Excessive usage of everything is bad same is the case here; you cannot use excessive water as too much water will wash the slurry away. This will slow down the process of cutting and too little will cause overheating.


Three things matter a lot while using diamond segments that are size, hardness and concentration of the diamonds. Diamond segment bond should be softer for the hard materials.