A Diamond tool is used for polishing, cutting, drilling and grinding purposes; and is embedded with diamond grains attached to the working components of the diamond tool. The diamonds fixed into the tool is attached by bond materials or by special techniques. Diamond tools work amazingly well on hard abrasive metals and are ideal for cutting of stones, concrete, ceramics, bricks etc. An important thing to remember is that diamond tools are never to be used for cutting plain steel or iron; because of the reason that carbon may dissolve into the workpiece and will ruin your materials and results.

If the diamond tools are metal-bonded, the bond actually plays a vital role to determine which tool would suit best for what purpose e.g. for cutting or grinding a diamond tool would be chosen depending on how hard it is.

Advantages of Diamond Tools

Diamond tools benefit you in a lot of ways. Some of their most prominent benefits are:

  • Diamond tools with high grinding efficiency and low grinding force generate less heat by the hole throughout their grinding process. This can result in decrease or prevention from burn as well as cracks on the surface of your workpiece.
  • Diamond tools which have high wear resistance have little difference in their dimension. This feature enables the tool to give it ideal cutting, grinding and polishing capacity.
  • Long lifespan and long dressing period of a diamond tool can effectively increase the work efficiency and improve the workers’ labour environment at a large scale. It can also help in decreasing the product’s labour intensity.
  • Diamond tools of low comprehensive cost decreases the amount of money per workpiece.

Applications of Diamond Tools

Diamond tools are used for a lot of applications. These are used for Geological explorations, working with woods, for construction purposes and even mechanical tools processing. But the most common use of diamond tools is for stone cutting. This is because the diamond tools are embedded with sharp diamond fragments that cut and grind the abrasive stones effectively and easily.

Diamond tools are best for stone processing and cutting because it is the hardest and strongest naturally occurring substance in the world. Although they are normally perceived as jewels, these are used widely around the world for industrial work. The diamond tools help in cutting, polishing and grinding of stones because their precision because of the diamond can be guaranteed. Diamond-tipped tools can sharply cut, polish hard stones and concrete.

What Materials can be cut by Diamond Tools?

Diamond tools are best for processing the following materials:

  1. Carbide alloys
  2. Abrasive materials that are non-metallic. Such as; stones and gem stones, concrete, glass, ceramics and semiconductor materials.
  3. Non-iron containing metals such as aluminium, copper and their alloys, and some soft but strong or tough materials such as rubber and resin.

The reason why ferrous compounds cannot be cut by diamond tools is due to their ability to react with diamonds under high pressure generated during cutting or grinding process.